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Appointment Structure Change...

After completing some training at the end of February the standards to which we work have changed slightly.

  • When performing a Spirometry (lung function test) we now need to ask some different questions in the questionnaire – attached. We also need to perform a Blood Pressure check. If their blood pressure is over 160/100 we will not be able to carry out the Lung Function test as this is putting unnecessary pressure on the heart. In this instance we will advise the patient to contact his/her GP for further investigation. This is adding an extra 5 minutes to the test.

  • When performing an audio we are now required to examine each person’s ears before we run the test. This is to check for impacted wax. If the persons ears are full of wax we will refer them to their GP for wax removal. The test result would not be accurate if the ear drum was covered in wax, and may result in an unnecessary recall. This is adding an extra 3 minutes.

To continue working at the high standard you expect from us, here at Cavell and Lind I would like for you to extend the appointment times.

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